Welcome to the Maths and Stats website

The Maths and Stats notes site has had a bit of a facelift.

The content is essentially the same, but we've moved the navigation to the left, where you can get to any page by means of the expanding menus. Just click on the double arrow symbols to open/close a submenu.

We still provide the navigation tool-bar, where you can move backwards and forwards through the note by clicking on the appropriate buttons. The central area now displays the full path to the current page.

However you navigate around this site, we're sure that there's a lot you can learn about mathematics and statistics on these pages. What started as a project to record a few mathematical reference notes has now developed into a full-blown web-site.

We've divided the pages into three main groups:

Covers a number of subjects on probability theory and statistics. These will give you an excelent grounding in mathematical statistics.
From Pythagoras' Theorem to Group Theory, a whole raft of mathematical subjects, both pure and applied. It's not Bourbaki, but a bit more approachable for us mortals.
Here's room for all those fun things like mortgage calculation ;-)

For information about how to write mathematical notation, draw graphs, do statistics and matrix algebra, all on your own Web Site, see the home page