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Writing Mathematics

Have you given up on trying to write your maths notes as a Web page? Are you fed up of editing graphic files just to write an integral equation?

makes child's play of writing mathematics directly into your HTML. You get all the advantanges of hyper-text mark-up (lay-out, links, etc.) and can utilise all the power of style sheets to give your pages a unified, professional look:

The equation of an elipse can be written

fract{~x^2,~a^2} + fract{~y^2,~b^2} _ = _ 1


~a^2 _ = _ fract{~d ^2,( 1 - ~e )^2 } , _ and _ ~b^2 _ = _ fract{~d ^2 ( 1 + ~e ),1 - ~e}

To learn how to use to write mathematical notation see Writing Mathematical Expressions .

Drawing Graphs


A common requirement in mathematical notation is to be able to draw graphs. provides a simple method of doing this directly on the Web page. Graphs of functions of one variable, step functions, curves, polygons, scatter charts, etc. can be drawn. Here is an example of a conic section drawn with :

To learn how to use Mathyma to draw graphs see Drawing Graphs with .




Statistics Package

Traditionally, much of the work of learning about statistics has been spent number crunching. This limits the number of instructive examples that can be studied. The advent of the computer allows the statistician, either professional or student, much more time to study the data and it's statistical consequences.

is a package of statistical tools that allows you to do a whole range of statistical analysis on your data, including analysis of variance (ANOVA), regression, and contingency tables.

All this is supported by a graphical tools, including scatter charts and box plots.

There is also a "look-up" facility for all the common distributions that should make your statistical tables redundant.

To learn how to use Mathyma to do statistics on-line, see the User Manual .

Matrix Calculations

provides excellent tools for writing arrays and matrices on your Web page, but what if you just want to work out the product of two matrices, or the inverse of a square matrix?

This is where helps out:


It can also work out the sum of two matrices, the determinant of a matrix, the rank of a matrix, . . . and it also does calculations on vectors, such as dot product, cross product, angle between vectors . . .

is part of the package. To learn how to use to do matrix and vector calculations, see Matrices and Vectors .

Getting a copy of Mathyma

consists modules and files:

for rendering mathematical notation in HTML

  • MathymaSystem.js - a JavaScript module that allows you to write mathematical expressions.
  • MathymaTemplates.xml - an xml file with template definitions.
  • MathymaSymbs.xml - an xml file with symbol definitions.

for drawing graphs on web pages:

  • MathymaGraph.js - a JavaScript module that allows you to define graphs.
  • DrawGraph.class - a Java applet that --- wait for it --- draws graphs.

for doing statistical calculations:

  • MathymaStats.js - a JavaScript module of basic statistical functions.
  • MathymaDistr.js - a JavaScript module of statistical distributions.
  • MathymaLinMod.js - a JavaScript module for statistical analysis of linear models.
  • MathymaMatrix.js - a JavaScript module of matrix and vector functions.
  • MathymaDiagnostics.js - a JavaScript module of modules for display and error finding.

These modules have been zipped into one file, which you can download by clicking on the following link:

Download Mathyma

If you want to use in your documents as described in the following pages, then this file must be unzipped, and the resulting files copied to the same folder as your documents.

Use of

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